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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!


  • Fracture Care

“Dr. Yee took care of our daughter's fracture (twice in 9 months!) with incredible compassion, caring and professionalism. He made her feel so comfortable and allayed all her fears about putting on her cast and again when she had to remove it. Everyone in the office was friendly and accommodating. Would definitely recommend Dr. Yee to all our family and friends.”


  • Various Hand, Shoulder and Knee Injuries

“Dr. Yee has provided me with excellent top-notch care. Unfortunately I've been to see him a number of times in the last couple years for various hand, shoulder and knee injuries. I've had nothing but great care, thorough followups and all around excellent service.”


  • Knee Surgery

“Dr. Yee is so kind, he took the time to help me understand what was wrong with my knee and all of the options. After surgery his staff followed up, my recovery was fast. Thanks so much Dr. Yee, you are fantastic.”


  • Meniscus Tear

“Dr. Trainor treated my knee meniscus tear. He did an excellent job with my surgery and I returned back to work with no problems in a couple of months. I would definitely recommend this doctor!”

Mary Lou

  • Orthopedic Care

“Dr. Liu is a wonderful surgeon and has worked on me as well as people I have recommended He is pleasant to work with and explains each and every step with you.”


  • Micro Fracture Knee Surgery

“Dr. Liu performed micro fracture surgery on my right knee in the fall of 2009. The surgery was a huge success as I am now able to do the activities I used to do. Both my wife and myself can be considered athletic, and we like to stay active by running, working out, etc. before the surgery, I was limited to running about 1 mile before my knee swelled to the point that I could hardly move it. After the surgery, I have had no problems with my knee. As a matter of fact, my surgically repaired knee is stronger than my other knee. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Liu to anyone.”


  • Arthroscopy for a Torn Medial Meniscus

“I saw Dr. Liu for left knee pain in January 2012. After a cortisone injection failed to improve my condition, he performed an arthroscopy, and repaired a torn medial meniscus, which failed to show on my MRI. The staff was courteous, and I did not require pain pills after surgery. Now I am back to running five miles again just four months later. Thanks Dr. Liu!!!”

Mrs. Elizabeth

  • ACL Injury Repair

“Based on his education and training, I chose to see Dr. Trainor in his clinic for my ACL injury. Well, sure there was a wait but I can honestly say that he is well worth the wait. He is very professional,caring and a great surgeon. I have only great things to say for both Dr. Trainor and his staff. I would definitely recommend this Doctor for my friends and family!!!!”


  • Hip Resurfacing


He is an incredible surgeon. Dr. Trainor Resurfaced BOTH of my hips. He gave me back my life. I am 35 and had arthritis in both my hips since I was 23. I've always been active and love hiking, backpacking, riding my motorcycle, etc. I could barely walk, but now I'm hiking 18 miles up mountains and snowshoeing 5.5 miles across Bryce Canyon N.P. in Utah. I did pain management and injections with another doctor for years, but I had the feeling he was wishy washy. When I wanted to operate he didn't feel comfortable so I got rid of that doctor. A person I had jury duty with refered me to Dr. Trainor and spoke very, very highly of him. Her husband and brother in law were patients of his. When I had my initial consult with Dr. Trainor I immediatley felt very comfortable with him. He checked me and the x-rays out and said "This is what I would do." I asked about different procedures, he answered my questions and said "I would not recommend those because of X and Y. I would do resurfacing because of ..."

Dr. Trainor resurfaced my left hip on July 28, 2010. I used a walker for one week and then a cane for one week. By the end of week two post op I was walking on my own. I did the physical therapy religiously. Lots of stretching, walking, exercising, and hiking for rehab. By week five post op, I hiked Angels Landing in Zion National Park, Utah, which is five miles round trip and 1500ft elevation gain. Seven weeks to the day of surgery I hiked to the peak of Mt. Charleston, which is 18 miles round trip and an elevation gain of 4200ft.

Dr. Trainor resurfaced my right hip on November 22, 2010. I asked for a spinal tap this time and had NO PAIN after I woke up and could move my leg right away. The first three weeks and therapy were a mirror image of the left side. I did alot of walking, but due to the weather some of my hikes were different. Six weeks after surgery I snowshoed and hiked for three days in Bryce Canyon N.P. Utah. On January 5, 2011 I snowshoed 5.5 miles down, across, up and around Bryce Canyon. It also doesn't hurt to ride my motorcycle anymore. I'm able to do all the active things with my girlfriend again. Dr. Trainor, his staff and everyone at Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Medicine are friendly, courteous, professional,and have made every visit great. The Warm Springs office is state of the art, really nice, and does not have a doctor office feel to it. The Centinial Hills office is in the hospital and does have that feel to it. That is the only negative thing I have found since being a patient of Dr. Trainor and AOSM. I would recommend Dr. Trainor and am greatful for the treatment and procedures I have received while under his care.”

David P.

  • L5 Spine Fusion

“I had been in pain for 25 years and I somehow got in touch with Dr. Sep the next thing I knew, They took care of all the Insurance leg work! I was approved. It has not even been a Year and my life is changed is such a positive way! I play Softball Again, Raquetball, Work on Cars.. Totally Pain Free! Doing things that could not do because of the pain it would cause...Thank you Dr. Bady!”



“Dr, Yee is the best orthopedic i have ever seen he took the time with me to go over all my options. we tried the synvisc, shots they worked for about 8 months, then the pain came back. We discussed the total knee operation and we both concluded that it was time to replace the knee. After the first month i was walking with no cane due to him and a great physical therapist. i would recomend him to all my friends and family, he also took care of my sons broken shoulder.. I would trust him with my whole family..THANK YOU DR, YEE AND STAFF, I can now walk again pain free...”


  • Torn meniscus repair

“Dr. Yee performed the repair of my torn meniscus. (R Knee) This was done on a Monday. On Tuesday I was using a walker around the house. Wednesday I didn't need to use the walker. Friday I was back at my chair exercise class. I did not need any pain meds nor did I take any OTC pain relievers. Dr. Yee is awesome. I would most certainly want him for my Doctor, should I ever need knee repair. Thanks Dr. Yee!!!”


  • Bunionectomy

“I had a bunionectomy on my right foot on February 1st of this year and the procedure went so well I had my left foot done on February 22nd. I had waited for about 10 years for this surgery because I had heard horror stories. Dr. Thomman M. Kuruvilla and his staff were very professional and patient. I have handed out their cards like candy because I know after the consultation you will be sold on this team!”


  • office visit

“Just had to write what an awesome office this is. I twisted my ankle and was concerned about damage because it's already plated, pinned and screwed. I got a same day appointment - instead of waiting 3 weeks like some offices I've been to. Every person I met in this office was upbeat, happy and a joy to meet. They should teach every other office the right way to treat people. Dr K was thorough, personable, and professional. I've already told people what a great doc he is. I've been in the medical field for over 25years and this was an exceptional group.”

Lisa W.

  • Ruptured Tendon

“I was referred to Dr. Kuruvilla for a ruptured tendon in my Right foot. Dr. Kuruvilla made time to see me the very day of my accident. He and his staff have been compassionate and caring since that first visit. The office staff are always efficient. I have never had a problem getting in for an appt. or had to wait for more than 5 minutes before being called back. Dr. Kuruvilla and his nurse are wonderful. His nurse has always been pleasant and puts you at ease with her humor (which I really appreciated). I felt Dr. Kuruvilla listened to my concerns and understood them. He discussed them with me and took those concerned into consideration pre and post surgery. My experience with Dr. Kuruvilla has been nothing but positive and reassuring from the first moment. I am very impressed with Dr. Kuruvilla and his staff and very thankful for the positive experience. ”

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