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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!


  • Rotator cuff, frozen shoulder and broken clavicle

“Make no bones about it Dr. Liu and his assistant Megan rock! I had frozen shoulder and a rotator cuff injury in 2012. Physical therapy, cortisone shots and surgery (in that order) is what I had done. They are kind, generous with their time, they listen and address every concern and are firm with me when I push "getting back to normal" too fast or too far. 3 years later here I am to see them again for a broken clavicle. They haven't changed! They know my history and again, working with me toward full recovery! ”


  • Wrist fracture

“I am an avid athlete, however a year ago I sustained a wrist fracture biking. I had wrist fracture surgery from another doctor but was experiencing increasing deterioration with loss of strength and mobility. Dr. Timothy Trainor showed genuine concern and took the time to provide me with excellent care and compassion. He is one of kind and is an excellent surgeon and doctor. He has given me a new lease on life and I can regain my physical activity. His staff are incredible and I would definitely recommend Dr. Tim Trainor. ”

Shirley H.

  • total hip replacement

“I can, without reservation, highly recommend Dr. Timothy Trainor as an orthopedic surgeon for his precision, skill, and good judgement after having had two very successful total hip replacement surgeries performed by him. Words are inadequate to express my appreciation. I can only say, "Thank you for giving me my pain-free, active life back".”


  • Ankle Fracture

“After fracturing my ankle I was able to get in to see Dr K the next day and he and the entire staff were so kind, compassionate and helpful. When I had my surgery Dr K came in before and joked a little with me and explained everything that he would be doing which really eased my nerves. He is a family man, he cancelled appts one day so he could be with his son in the hospital, what a great dad! ”

Valerie O.

  • hand surgery

“Dr. Xin Nick Liu,DO removed a piece of lead out of my left hand. It was in my hand for 53 yrs. After all those years I figured it wasn't a problem. Then after the last few months it was starting to hurt more and more. I was given the best care and made to feel safe, secure, and relaxed. I thought it was too much fuss. They treated me as though it was major. Everything went perfect and I could not have had a better Dr. Thank You Dr. Liu. If I ever need surgery for in your expertise I would ask for you. Everything healed quickly and painlessly . Didn't have to take the Rx pain pills you prescribed at all.”


  • Carpal tunnel surgery

“I just want to thank the nurses Eldweiss, Tess and Erica for the wonderful care I received at the Desert Surgical Center on April 4, 2016. They made me feel so comfortable and at ease before, during and after my surgery. Thank you ladies for your wonderful care. Thank you Dr. Michael Trainor for taking such great care of me. ”


  • Carpal tunnel surgery

“In my recent testimonial I mentioned the nurses at Desert Surgical office. It should had read the Durango Surgical Outpatient center. Everyone was so great to my husband and I. Thank you again everyone !”

Kathryn D

  • ankle fracture surgery

“I fell down a flight of stairs and fractured my ankle in March. Due to insurance complications and mis-information from the hospital I was taken to initially. I was not able to have surgery until 3 weeks after my fall.

Dr. Michael Trainor explained everything in great detail about my surgery and what complications might arise from my fracture being so old. The surgery went well and my ankle is healing nicely! Thanks to Dr. Trainor and his great staff! I have never had a broken bone or even a sprain. Dr. Trainor made my bad experience a little better! Big Ups to Lance the Med Assistant...”

Sharon R.

  • consultation with Mia, Dr. Timothy Trainor's Assistant; Cortisone shot 6/29/16

“Mia was extremely helpful in explaining my condition, x-rays, and future course of action. I only wish I had come to Dr. Timothy Trainor's office sooner. I have spent 6 months in pain due to misdiagnoses and may have exacerbated my injury. I will trust Mia and this office for all of my future care.”

Francine K

  • carpal tunnel left hand

“Dr. Michael Trainor is the best hand surgeon. I would highly recommend him. He was so gentle and caring. He answered all my questions and explained everything in laymen terms so I understood the whole procedure that took place. My hand is doing great. Glad Dr. Michael Trainor took such great care of me. Thank you Dr. Michael Trainor !!!!!”


  • broken arm/elbow

“I fell and went to Southern Hills Hospital to see if I broke my arm/elbow. Xrays were taken and I was told it appeared I broke my arm near my elbow is 3 places. I was able to see Dr. Bady within a couple of days. He took xrays and informed me that I may have a hairline fracture, but that was all. Just when you think doctors might do surgeries just to make money, you meet a very honest and compassionate doctor who doesn't feel that way. Awesome doctor!”


  • ACL Repair

“I am currently in PA school, on my clinical rotations and have limited time because of it. I tore my ACL while skiing Martin Luther King Weekend and Karla was able to fit me in Monday for an appt. She expedited my MRI and a week after my injury she had me back in to her office to give me the bad news. Dr. Nick Liu and Karla were able to schedule me for surgery the following week (yesterday) and I am currently recovering. I just want to say how great Dr. Liu, Karla and the rest of the rest of the staff have been, get me authorized, scheduled, etc. I really appreciate that they were able to get me in, in such short time and have really been attentive to me. Dr. Liu was really great with me pre-op and spoke to my husband post-op. I was really nervous about the surgery and I did a lot of research. Dr. Liu has a strong background in knee repair and I knew I was in good hands. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Liu and Karla and I feel very confident that with PT, I will be back to my normal self! Thanks so much Dr. Liu, Karla, Megan, Jenn and everyone else at AOSM!”

Jim Koller

  • Hip replacement

“I suffered for over a year with hip pain, scared of the surgery and risk of infections. I researched the Orthopedic Drs. that were available on my health plan. I was impressed by the testimonials I read of Dr. Timothy Trainor and finally made an appt. to see him. I liked him from the moment he stepped into the room. He put me at ease and assured me that after the surgery, I would be 80% pain free. It is now 2 weeks since my surgery and I am doing great, and yes, I am more than 80% pain free. Dr. Trainor and his staff are very conscientious about sanitary conditions and precautions for preventing infections.

I am looking forward to having my active lifestyle back, thanks to Dr. Timothy Trainor.”


  • Ankle Surgery

“Dr. Michael Trainor is the BEST! After a bad motorcycle accident, on a Saturday no less, Dr. Trainor did an emergency 3+ hour surgery to repair the two broken bones in my ankle including an open fracture. Walking now much better than I could have hoped for. Professional, caring, informative and personable! He and his staff are the greatest and I would recommend them highly. ”

Karen S.

  • Knee Surgeries

“Dr. Yee and his staff have been amazing since we first met with him in 2013. My husband has two successful knee surgeries. My daughter recently had knee surgery with Dr. Yee and Brittany. After years of no answers they found the cause of her pain in her knee. I am so incredibly grateful to both of them for taking great care of both of them. We call them the "Yee team!"”

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